Passion Projects

The Ask ︎︎︎ Brand the latest release from Beach Club, a Los Angeles bicycle manufacturer
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Suite of branding assets 
Strategy ︎︎︎ Bring a heavy vibe of coastal US art deco, coupled with heritage cycling details and the ever present humor that is Beach Club
Production ︎︎︎ Worked hand in hand with brand leads Sean Talkington and Danny Heeley through design iterations all the way to paint.  
Team ︎︎︎ Strategy Sean Talkington, Danny Heeley, Dan Hanafin Art Direction Dan Hanafin Design Dan Hanafin

The Ask ︎︎︎ Lifestyle branding for HOOF apparel
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Logo lockup
Production ︎︎︎ Branding release TBD. Shown below is a chenille patch extension  
Team ︎︎︎ Strategy Dan Hanafin, Justin McKinley Design Dan Hanafin

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