The Ask ︎︎︎ Brand awareness campaing for TPC’s Louisville retail store
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Static and digital out of home
Strategy ︎︎︎ Leverage TPC’s unparalleled selection in key metro Denver placements
Production ︎︎︎ In-house execution utilizing brand photography
Team ︎︎︎ Strategy: Dan Hanafin, Todd Johns, Nick Cai. Art Direction: Dan Hanafin and Nick Cai. Design: Nick Cai. Copywriting: Todd Johns.

The Ask ︎︎︎ Brand awareness print campaign (a rare bird!) for Bicycling Magazine
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Full page and pull spread print ads
Strategy ︎︎︎ Hook with aspirational riding photos that break the advertising norm by leading with an editorial feel. Messaging and branding were kept secondary.
Production ︎︎︎ In-house execution utilizing freelance photography
Team ︎︎︎ Strategy: Matthew Ankeny and Dan Hanafin. Art Direction: Dan Hanafin. Design: Dan Hanafin. Copywriting: Matthew Ankeny.

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