The Ask ︎︎︎ Full comprehensive corporate rebrand
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Brand strategy, verbal, and visual identity
Strategy ︎︎︎ Bring The Pro’s Closet to it’s full potential by shedding unwanted name connotations, uniting the internal teams with foundational strategy, and align the verbal and visual identity to a forward contemporary landscape.   
Production ︎︎︎ TPC internal served as a key strategic partner to set up our rebrand agency Manual Creative for success. All creative extensions have been handled by the TPC team. 
Team ︎︎︎ Agency: Manual Creative. Internal Creative Direction: Dan Hanafin. Internal Strategy: Dan Hanafin, Matthew Ankeny, Kaitlin Cameron. Internal Copywriting: Todd Johns. Internal Design: Nick Cai and Dan Hanafin.


In December of 2021 The Pro’s Closet embarked on a full strategic, verbal, and visual reset of its brand. I was fortunate enough to be the dedicated internal creative lead through the process. We hired Manual Creative out of San Francisco, CA to take us through this comprehensive rebrand.

Launched in March of 2023 The Pro’s Closet now has a new look as TPC.

TPC’s new brand is a vessel built on foundational strategy that will preserve pre-existing equity and allow for meaningful brand awareness as the company grows. Choosing to lead with the acronym TPC, The Pro’s Closet now sheds potential unwanted assumptions for first time customers associated with professionals, or closets.

Equipped with a rich visual brand, TPC has a confident logo mark, built for digital and physical applications. Along with new primary and secondary brand palettes to keep brand extensions fresh and variable akin to TPC’s product offering.

To complete TPC’s full rebrand a comprehensive reset of its verbal ID was put into place. One based off of “Your friendly riding partner”, “Bike’s are meant to be used.”, and a new brand strategic platform. Unique selling propositions, our mission, vision, and values were set to align the company toward a common notion.

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