Brand Projects

The Ask ︎︎︎ Great Spring Breakaway event branding
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Omnichannel marketing assets including event merch
Strategy ︎︎︎ The TPC Retail Store was in need of some awareness. We chose to throw an event to bring the cycling community to us. Thousands rolled through to tour our facility, visit the store, get the best deals of the season, and meet brand partners.   
Production ︎︎︎ In-house creative partnering with a contracted illustrator
Team ︎︎︎ Strategy Lead: Dan Hanafin. Art Direction: Dan Hanafin & Nick Cai. Design: Nick Cai. Illustration: Josh Cochran.

The Ask ︎︎︎ Strava challenge creative
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Omnichannel marketing assets including all imagery native to Strava
Strategy ︎︎︎ Utilize Strava’s massive endemic community to pull traffic to TPC. These challenges allow for ultimate extension and expression of brand.  
Production ︎︎︎ In-house creative sprint
Team ︎︎︎ Strategy Lead Dan Hanafin & Matthew Ankeny Art Direction Dan Hanafin & Nick Cai Design Nick Cai Copywriting Matthew Ankeny, Lindsey Gaff, Jonah Baca

The Ask ︎︎︎ Sub branding for Shop Talk an in-house Youtube video series
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Animated :10s intro sequence, lower thirds, supers, Youtube thumbnail, social
Strategy ︎︎︎ Bring a fun energetic energy to the concept of talking all thing bikes  
Production ︎︎︎ I contracted the wonderful Peter Steineck to produce the creative. We later extended and applied to all assets in-house.
Team ︎︎︎ Art Direction: Dan Hanafin. Design & Animation: Peter Steineck. 

The Ask ︎︎︎ Sub branding for The Shift an e-publication
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Logo lockup 
Strategy ︎︎︎ Our content team was looking for a simple yet conceptual logo. The Pro’s Closet is shifting the way we own bikes, bikes that of course we shift gears on. A wonderfully loaded name. The slight transition in the “I” couple with digital mono weight forms positioned this publication properly.    
Production ︎︎︎ Designed in-house. Sadly this branding was put on hold. 
Team ︎︎︎ Art Direction & Design Dan Hanafin

The Ask ︎︎︎ Employee handout stickers 
Deliverables ︎︎︎ Sticker sheet
Strategy ︎︎︎ Bring a fresh and fun vibe to cycling    
Production ︎︎︎ Contracted the sensational Bráulio Amado for illustration and design. Printed locally. 
Team ︎︎︎ Art Direction: Dan Hanafin. Illustration & Design: Bráulio Amado.

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